MasterBeads Carboxylic Acid
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MasterBeads Carboxylic Acid are uniform superparamagnetic nanoparticles of 500nm.
  • Unique size distribution: CV<20% (see graphe below)
  • No sedimentation
  • High COOH density: 250µmol/g
  • High surface area available for specific coupling: 5 m2/g
  • Easy to couple: a complete procedure and buffers have been especially developped for protein coupling
    -  Activation Buffer code (#10101)
    -  Storage Buffer (#10201)
    -  EDC (carbodiimide, (#10401, #10402, #10403, #10404)


MasterBeads Carboxylic Acid are available in:
-                1ml / 02150
                 2ml / 02151
               10ml / 02152
               20ml / 02153
The MasterBeads Carboxylic Acid are supplied at 5% (50mg/ml) and buffers can be provided for protein conjugation


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 Activation Buffer
 Storage Buffer
 Adem-Mag SV
 Adem-Mag MV
 Adem-Mag HV
 Adem-Mag 96
 Adem-Mag MODULO
 MasterBeads Streptavidin
 Protocol: MasterBeads Carboxylic Acid
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