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The very high binding affinity of the streptavidin-biotin interaction (Kd=10^-15) is used in a vast number of applications such as diagnostic assays, biomedical research, cell separation and nucleic acids research. Different applications require different bead and the choice depends on the final assay. To allow flexibility, Ademtech has engineered different surfaces of Streptavidin Adembeads along with differents sizes and binding capacities


Ademtech magnetic nanoparticles  (100nm, 200nm, 300nm, 500nm) offer large surface area for binding and eliminate the sedimentation problems that affect larger particles. Adembeads present a smooth surface exhibiting a low non–specific binding on the opposite of other available rough particles. Thanks to  the high iron content (> 70%) the rapid separation under magnetic field is not compromised. To ensure reliability of your assay, the tightly controlled production processes provide with a  calibrated (CV<20%)  spherical nanoparticles with highly reproducible characteristics.


MasterBeads, 500nm have an improved magnetic response and keep all benefits of Adembeads (no sedimenation) and are particularly suitable for automation.

MasterBeads are available pre-coated with

o  Streptavidin: natural streptavidin from S. avidinii

o  StreptaDivin: neutralized avidin from eggs without carbohydrates and tripeptide sequence Arg–Tyr–Asp (RYD).
The StreptaDivin has a isolectric point of 6.3. These features provide very low non-specific binding

available in 100nm, 200nm, 300nm! see HERE
9 differents streptavidin particles !


MasterBeads Streptavidin are supplied at 1% (10mg/ml) in Storage Buffer (#10201).
Immobilisation Buffer (#10301) can be used for biotinylated ligand capture


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