Bio-Adembeads Antibodies Anti-IgG
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AffinityPure goat Anti-species (mouse, rat, rabbit and human) covalently coupled 300nm Adembeads. The antibodies react with the heavy chains on – Mouse, Rat, Rabbit or Human – IgGs but not with the light chains.

  • Adembeads coupled with Goat Anti-Mouse, Anti-Rat, Anti-Rabbit, Anti-Human IgG or with IgG monoclonal mouse  Anti-Biotin
  • Available in 300nm
  • The small size associated with a unique size distribution and perfect spherical shape provide a tool compatible with many subsequent analysis: flow cytometry, microcopic analysis
  • High surface area: up to 10 m2/g
  • Antibodies are captured in 5 minutes
  • Typical results:


Bio-Adembeads (300nm) coated with goat IgG or with a Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies against Biotin
This product is available as follows:
- Bio-Adembeads Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (2ml / G05030, 10ml / G05031, 50ml / G05032)
- Bio-Adembeads Goat Anti-Rat IgG  (2ml / G05130, 10ml / G05131, 50ml / G05132)
- Bio-Adembeads Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG  (2ml / G05230, 10ml / G05231, 50ml / G25232)
- Bio-Adembeads Goat Anti-Human IgG  (2ml / G05330, 10ml / G05331, 50ml / G05332)
- Bio-Adembeads Goat Anti-Biotin  (2ml / G05430, 10ml / G05431, 50ml / G05432)
Supplied in storage buffer (code number 10201) containing proclin 300 as a preservative


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 Bio-Adembeads Antibodies Anti-IgM
 Immobilisation Buffer
 Adem-Mag SV
 Adem-Mag MV
 Adem-Mag HV
 Adem-Mag MODULO
 Protocol: Bio-Adembeads Antibodies Anti-Mouse IgG.pdf
 Protocol: Bio-Adembeads Antibodies Anti-Rat IgG.pdf
 Protocol: Bio-Adembeads Antibodies Anti-Rabbit IgG.pdf
 Protocol: Bio-Adembeads Antibodies Anti-Human IgG.pdf
 Protocol: Bio-Adembeads Antibodies Anti-Biotin.pdf
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