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Ig Adem Kit is designed for simple and rapid immunoglobulin purification from serum, ascites culture or hybridoma supernatants. The kit was developed to overcome the drawbacks of the commonly used purification methods. Obtaining pure antibodies by removing non relevant protein often present in high abundance is a critical step. Immunoglobulins purification is based on the ability of some proteins to bind to a ligand that contains a sulfone group close to a thioether group. This binding event is termed thiophilic adsorption. Salts that interact with water molecules, such as potassium and ammonium sulfate, promote this binding. Magnetic beads bind IgG (subclasses), IgA, and IgM in the same proportion, present in starting material. The purified Ig can be used in a variety of applications including: ELISA, Western Blotting, Immunoaffinity, Immunoprecipitation.

  • High Binding Capacity: > 15mg IgG/ml
  • Simple and rapid: handing time take just 30minutes
  • Achieve reproductive Ig purification
  • Various starting sample: serum, cell supernatant and ascite
  • Can be applied for a wide range of species: Human, mouse, rat, rabbit…
  • Convenient: prepacked beads, ready to use buffers
  • No regeneration
  • Typical results:


    Complete kit containing:
    - prepackaged tubes with sufficient magnetic beads (4mg/tube) 
    - Binding Buffer
    - Washing Buffer
    - Elution Buffers

    Product capacity:
    15 purifications (each from 0.6ml serum/ascite/cell supernatant) / Code Number 04400
    30 purifications (each from 0.6ml serum/ascite/cell supernatant) / Code Number 04401


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     Bio-Adembeads Protein A
     Bio-Adembeads Protein G
     Adem-Mag SV
     Adem-Mag MODULO
     Protocol: Ig Adem-Kit.pdf
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