Histidine Adem-Kit
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Histidine Adem-kit provides a fast, efficient method for purifying 6xHis-tagged protein with high binding capacity and yield, including low background in a convenient flexible format.

The Histidine Adem-Kit contains magnetic beads that have metal-chelating iminodiacetic acid (IDA) groups covalently bound to their surface. They are precharged with nickel. IDA has tridentate chelating group that occupies three of six sites in the nickel coordination sphere. The affinity of histidine residues for immobilized nickel allows selective purification of histidine fusion protein. 6xHis-tagged proteins can be eluted from histidine magnetic beads with buffers containing imidazole.

  • Precharged nickel IDA magnetic beads
  • Magnetic technology allowing to concentrate the targeted fusion protein
  • High binding capacity: 4mg/ml
  • Flexible: you can adjust the volume of beads according to your sample
  • High specificity:  no background
  • Price competitive
  • Typical results:


Complete kit containing precharged nickel IDA magnetic beads and buffers.
Product Capacity: 65 isolations each from sample containing 120µg His tagged protein
Code Number: 04500


Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Volume 23, Issue 4, 30 November 2007, Pages 506-512, Highly sensitive detection of organophosphorus insecticides using magnetic microbeads and genetically engineered acetylcholinesterase Georges Istamboulie, Silvana Andreescu,Jean-Louis Marty, Thierry Noguer

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 Protocol: Histidine Adem-Kit.pdf
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