Direct mRNAdembeads Purification Kit
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Direct mRNAdembeads purification kit is a unique mRNA selection method which allow to purify the messengers from cells or whole blood. This magnetic based product is well adapted for small to large scale mRNA purification

  • Allow to work with small volume in comparison with mRNA purification from Total RNA
  • Ready to use kit: no beads regeneration required
  • More convenient for many subsequent RT-PCR
  • Scalable system: the quantities of reagents are adapted for each amount of starting material (cells or whole blood)
  • Very low ribosomal contamination
  • Intact and pure mRNA without degradation
  • Purification of all mRNA sizesFast system: less than 30 minutes
  • Very low elution volumes: 10 < x < 50µl


The Direct mRNAdembeads Purificaiton Kit contain each reagent required for mRNA Isoaltion starting from:
- Cell Lysate
- Whole Blood

 Adem-Mag SV
 Adem-Mag MODULO
 mRNAdembeads Purification Kit
 96 mRNA Isolation Kit
 Protocol: Direct mRNAdembeads Purification Kit.pdf
 Application Note: mRNA Isolation from animal tissues
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