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Adem-Mag MODULO is a modular magnetic separator. It can hold 4 mircrotubes (1.5ml or 2ml).

NOTE: This magnet replaces the Adem-Mag MSV

  • Sharing our expertise in biomagnetic separation

- Customized strong rare earth magnet protected by recyclable PEHD plastic =  fast biomagnetique separation and maximum yield

- Smart design for a clear visualisation of your separation = microtubes come at proximity of the magnet. For small volume range 1.5ml microtube could be inclined for more efficient separation.

- Convenient = sample microtube holder can be quickly remove from the magnetic base for easy wash step

  • Design your own magnet

The MODULO line's modular and flexible design allows easy configuration of your magnetic separator according to your need. As your project change your MODULO line can evolutes to meet new challenges.  Thanks to the scalability of the MODULO line magnetic separator, a wide range of throughputs and budgets can be accommodated.


Unique scalability = The MODULO Classic ( # 20105) can be converted on site to MODULO Plus by mean of MODULO Brick (# 20108)

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