Viro-Adembeads: virus capture and culture
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Viro-Adembeads are designed for simple and rapid capture and culture of viruses. Virus bound onto Viro-Adembeads is viable and retains infectivity. Viro-Adembeads allows to improve virus infection efficiency by concentrating viruses and promoting cell-virus contact. Viro-Adembeads also facilitate commonly used viral infection protocols that are time and labor intensive.

•          Capture and concentrate virus from various biological samples
•          Simple and fast: 30 minutes only 
•          Gentle virus separation method: isolates alive and infectious virus 
•          Viro-Adembeads improve virus culture: increase and accelerate virus production
•          Higher sensitivity compare to conventional centrifugation methods
•          Higher reproducibility compare to conventional centrifugation methods



The Viro-Adembeads for virus capture and culture is a ready to use kit containing all reagents required for capture:
Product capacity: 25 preparations
Code number: 07010


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