CD8 Cell-Adembeads - Cell separation
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CD8 is an accessory molecule. CD8 molecule acts with the T Cell Receptor (TCR) as a co-receptor for MHC class I restricted antigen recognition. CD8 is expressed on cytotoxic T cells and at a lower level on thymocytes and NK cells. CD8+ cytotoxic T cells play an important role in the killing of virus-infected cells and tumors cells. Cell-Adembeads are superparamagnetic nanoparticles optimized for the positive selection and depletion of cells using commercially available separation columns. Cell-Adembeads are designed for direct labeling of cells. We have developed a specific polymer on the surface of the beads and selected highly specific antibodies, thus reducing non specific capture and optimizing the separation. The small size combined to the specific polymer allows the cells to be further evaluated in downstream application like flow cytometry or functional studies such as proliferation or cytotoxicity assay.
  • Effective: optimal purity and recovery
  • Convenient: suitable with current column based system
  • Compatible with a direct analysis in flow cytometry
  • Gentle cell separation system: cell integrity is conserved
  • Typical results:

The Kit contains all of the components required for 109 total cells separation.
Code number: 08020
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