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The ChIP-Adem-Kit is an innovative system especially designed for monitoring transcription factors or histones / DNA interactions. The ChIP-Adembeads Protein A/G after incubation with the Blocking Buffer have a specific surface designed for efficient Protein / DNA complex immunoprecipitation and to minimize non-specific enrichment. Proteins and other contaminants are eliminated in the washing steps. The ChIP protocol is greatly simplified by using blocked Protein A/G-coated nanoparticles. Some steps have been completely eliminated. Unlike traditional agarose beads, chromatin pre-clearing is not required. ChIP-Adembeads combined to designed buffers reduce background and maximize the amount of templates available for the reaction, achieving greater sensitivity where maximum DNA recovery is critical. The isolated DNA can be used in downstream applications : PCR and Real-Time PCR.

Ademtech announced the availability of the new version of ChIP-Adembeads Protein A/G (#04242/04342) and ChIP Adem-kit Protein A/G (#04243/04343). These new kits offer several advantages over the current CHIP kits:
·  User friendly: new Blocking Buffer colorless
·  New Washing Buffer: Improved formulation with no stringent salt as LiCl reduced magnetic beads aggregation. Magnetic particles are easy to resuspend during washing steps.

ChIP-Adembeads Protein A/G (#04240, 04340) and ChIP-Adem-Kit (#04241, 04341) have been superseded by an Updated version. These products may still be ordered as long as inventory is available. These products are schedule to be discontinued at May 2012. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope this transition period will allow you to complete any ongoing projects

  • Higher efficiency
    • Effective IP and low non specific binding due to optimized magnetic nanoparticles
    • ChIP-Adembeads Protein A/G after incubation with Blocking buffer have a specific surface designed for efficient Protein DNA complex immunoprecipitation and to minimize non-specific enrichment
    • ChIP-Adembeads combined to Blocking Buffer reduce background
    • No sedimentation problem
  • Save time and effort
    • Spin steps have been replaced by rapid magnetic separations, reducing the amount of hands-on time during the assay
    • Time consuming steps are reduced or eliminated
    • No pre-clearing step
  • Easy to use: ChIP-adem-Kit contains all necessary components for successful monitoring of transcriptions factors and histones / DNA interactions
  • Enhance sensitivity: method more effective compare to sepharose beads
  • Ideal for many samples processing


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