Smart DNAdem-Kit for cells & tissues
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The Smart D-N-Adem-Kit is a new system which is specially designed for the capture of gDNA and direct amplification on magnetic particles. Smart-Adembeads have a specific and proprietary polymer on their surface, designed for DNA capture by electrostatic interactions and compatible with direct PCR and Real-Time PCR without the need to perform an elution step.
  • Capture and direct amplification: go directly to PCR and Real-time PCR without elution step
  • Simple and fast: less than 10 minutes (lysis step included) at room temperature
  • Higher recovery: no DNA lost during organic extraction and centrifugation and elution step
  • Greater sensitive compared with other technologies (spin column and organic extraction)
  • Work with small amounts of samples, 1mg of tissue
  • Reproducible system: less sample variability


The Smart D-N-Adem-Kit for cells and tissues is a ready to use kit containing each reagent required for the gDNA capture from:
- mammalian cells: from 1 cell to 500 000 cells
- animal tissues: from 1mg to 25mg (depending on the tissue)

 Adem-Mag SV
 Adem-Mag MODULO
 Smart D-N-Adem-Kit for blood and PBMC
 Smart D-N-Adem-Kit for Bacteria
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