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Activ-MasterBeads are uniform superparamagnetic nanoparticles presenting an original coupling surface for efficient protein immobilisation.

Ideal tool for covalently protein coupling

  • Antibodies
  • Intact proteins
  • Functional enzymes
Fast and simple coupling procedure
  • Fast reaction kinetics: more than 90% of max binding capacities can be reached after 30 min
  • Flexible coupling procedure: choose the conditions that is the best for the stability of the ligand

Ensure assay standardization

  • Ensure assay standardization (high reproducible bioconjugaison CV< 3.5%)
  • Ready to use buffers: Activation Buffer (#10101), Storage Buffer (#10201)
It’s simple.. It’s fast and ensure assay standardization

Activ-MasterBeads (500nm), 10%
-         1ml /02650
-         5ml /02651

Reference: Activ-Adembeads : a new ready-to-use tool for sensitive magnetic beads-based immunoassays and biosensors. M Gaboyard, T Duluc, T Laube, M.I. Pividori, S.Godichaud, Magnetic Carriers, 8th International Conference, Rostock (Germany), May 2010

 Activation Buffer
 Storage Buffer
 Adem-Mag SV
 Adem-Mag MODULO
 MasterBeads Carboxylic Acid
 MasterBeads Streptavidin/ StreptaDivin
 Protocol: Activ-MasterBeads
 Poster: Magnetic Carriers 2010
 Application Note: Magnetic immunoassay
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