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High quality STR profiles depend on DNA quantity and quality. Smart D-N-Adem-kit for profiling purifies and normalizes DNA capture from reference and database samples. The kit delivers a standardized quantity of PCR quality from blood and buccals swabs and cards.

  • More first run profiles
  • Save time, save money, less re-analysis
  • Quick process and easy implementation on robotic workstation
  • Cost-effective solution for DNA database
  • Validated for FTA cards (no inhibition by residual FTA) and swabs collection products (cotton and nylon swabs with wood or plastic shafts)
  • AutoMag solution : automated DNA extraction (Kit + Instrument) now available
    -   Validated for Crime Prep Adem-Kit and Smart D-N-Adem kit For Profiling 
    -   Rapid implementation with prevalidated, preprogrammed protocols
    -   Process 12 samples



The Smart D-N-Adem-Kit for Profiling is a ready to use kit containing each reagent required for the gDNA capture and normalization from swabs and cards.

Smart-Adembeads : unique calibrated monosize magnetic particles to ensure consistent DNA delivery

Special formulation: process without ethanol and chaotropics salts

 Adem-Mag MODULO
 Adem-Mag 96
 Crime Prep Adem-Kit - CASEWORK
 ISFG Poster
 Protocol FTA Cards
 Protocol Swab
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