MycoGENIE Af DNA Extraction Kit
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MycoGENIE Aspergillus fumigatus DNA Extraction Kit is specially designed for isolation and purification of fungal DNA present in human serum,  biopsies, respiratory tract samples (broncho alveolar lavage, sputum..). The isolated nucleic acids are free of proteins, nucleases and others contaminants or inhibitors

  • Efficient extraction: advanced chemistry combined with small magnetic particles provide more binding capacity
  • Utra-pure DNA
  • Optimized lysis for most clinical specimen : serum, frez or frozen tissues and respiratory tract samples
  • Manual and automated extractions
  • CE IVD marked
  • AutoMag solution : automated DNA extraction (Kit + Instrument) now available
    -   Rapid implementation with prevalidated, preprogrammed protocols
    -   Process 12 samples in 35 minutes


Complete kit containing magnetic beads and buffers.
Product Capacity: 48 extractions

Code Number: 60300

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